Calling All Hunters and Heroes

Interior dungeon

From now until Tuesday, June 30, the Valkyon Federation needs all hands on deck during its Hunters and Heroes event.

Hunters Wanted (Lvl. 65+)

The Valkyon Federation needs more brave heroes in the field to keep TERA’s monster population under control. And they are prepared to pay you for your efforts—in Hunter’s Tokens.

Each week, level 65 and higher characters earn Hunter’s Tokens for killing monsters.

Monster Size Kill Milestone Hunter’s Tokens Earned
Small 100 2
150 3
200 4
250 5
Normal 30 2
45 3
60 4
75 5
Medium 10 2
15 3
20 4
25 5

Note: Your character must kill monsters within +/- five levels to receive credit. Kill counts reset every Tuesday at 1700 UTC.

Select dungeon bosses will also drop Dungeon Tokens. You’ll need three tokens of either type and a Guardian Legion Token Converter (obtained by completing Guardian Legion missions) to craft a Special Mission Missive.

Take your Special Mission Missives to the Special Mission Instructor in Highwatch and you’ll be able to purchase:

  • Exodor Superior Boxes
  • Skill Advancement Tomes
  • EP II
  • A Big Bear Bag Ticket (good for one “Big Pink Bear” or “Big Beige Bear” backpack)

Dungeon Tokens and Hunter’s Tokens can also be exchanged for other useful items, including Sapphires, Dark Shard Feedstock, Eternal Gear Tokens, Skill Advancement Boxes, and event consumables. Join the hunt now if you are level 65 or higher, or level up fast to join the fight. See our forum post for full campaign details.

Call to Arms – New Player Recruitment Campaign

Call to Arms – New Player Recruitment Campaign

From now until Tuesday, June 30, players with new TERA accounts have a chance to unlock incredible in-game value at a hugely discounted price.

The first character (per server) on a new account to reach level 11 before the end of the month earns a Hero’s Mark. Combine that mark with a Hero’s Mark Converter purchased from the in-game store (395 EMP) to create a Hero’s Accessory, and trade it to Zahad on Stepstone Isle for one of the following:

  • Hero’s Cosmetic Package –style-enhancing items:
    • Arctic Dragon Armor Box
    • Cape Ticket
    • Footsteps: Bling
    • Flying Skill: Spellrider
  • Hero’s Companion Package –a helpful companion and bonus items for your new buddy:
    • Partner: Cocomin (Superior)
    • Puppy Figurine
    • Piglet Figurine
    • Legacy Essence
  • Lvl. 65 Hero's Elin Gold Coin Box – a stack of 140 Elin Gold Coins (worth 500 gold each) usable at level 65.
  • Lvl. 65 Hero's Enchantment Package—a stockpile of enchanting materials for Exodor gear, usable at level 65.

So, get out there and start hunting monsters—time is ticking! And don’t forget to invite a few friends to join you.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!