Community Spotlight, Volume 6


Hey, folks, it’s Tailypo, here again with the next installment of our En Masse Community Spotlight! One of our primary goals with the En Masse Partner Program is actively working toward building new relationships—and growing existing ones—with various creators and micro-communities. We do this by featuring a few of our En Masse Partners periodically: sharing a little about them, their communities, and what excites them about En Masse.

This time around, we’re highlighting Madame Skelly—a gamer since Atari’s heyday, an accomplished chef, and one of our latest En Masse Partners!

Madame Skelly - Twitch & Twitter


Madame Skelly (Chi) has been gaming since the Atari, but really got into gaming with the release of the Nintendo console. Quickly falling in love with such classics like Castlevania, Contra, and Mega Man. The genesis of her love for competitive gaming was born in the glow of a Street Fighter cabinet in the dark womb of an arcade in Toronto. It was these childhood experiences that molded her into the gamer she is today.

Skelly has been creating content on Twitch since 2015. She gained a following from playing Souls games, starting with Bloodborne before switching to Dark Souls 3, which has garnered over 25K followers and counting. When she’s not kicking butt in-game and doing crazy challenge runs, you can find Skelly recreating dishes from popular video games and anime, putting her formal culinary education to great use.

Don’t be fooled. Skelly is no stranger to the world of MMO/MMORPG’s, having previously played Elder Scrolls Online, Rift, and Neverwinter Nights. This particular genre of game has a soft spot for this Dungeon Master, who often enjoys immersing herself in high fantasy, whether it be in the form of a video game or tabletop game.

Skelly first came to TERA during the Technical Test for console, but is already working tirelessly to establish herself within the community; using her voice to articulate the concerns of fellow players to EME staff and fostering a positive environment for her viewers to enjoy the game, without fear of toxicity or elitism. Many have already found their way to her fast-growing Guild [Skeleton Harem] on the PVP servers. The opportunity to work with Skelly is an honor, and we look forward to growing our communities together!

We hope you enjoyed this En Masse Community Spotlight! If you are interested in becoming an En Masse Partner, you can learn more by visiting the En Masse Partners webpage, join our Official En Masse Discord and speak with Tailypo, or fill out our En Masse Partner Application!


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