Demon’s Wheel arrives June 8


On Monday, June 8, TERA players on consoles can enjoy a new event dungeon, Demon’s Wheel! This special, limited-time dungeon experience features an extra-dimensional casino with two challenging bosses (the crafty Bandersnatch and master gambler Demoros) that will test your powers of perception to their limits.

With these great risks come great rewards, and completing the Demon’s Wheel could reward you with new innerwear, a Frostmetal gear box, a special Demoros’s Skull accessory, emeralds, and more!

Also featured in this hotfix is the return of the fan-favorite dungeons RK-9 Kennel and RK-9 Kennel (Hard). RK-9 Kennel (Hard) will now be a part of TERA’s ranked leaderboards.

To make room for these exciting new and returning dungeons, Forsaken Island (and Forsaken Island (Hard)) will be removed from rotation on June 8 after maintenance. So if you have any feats left to complete, gather up some friends and go storm the beaches!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!