Draakon Arena Is Live!


TERA’s newest content update is live, featuring new dungeon challenges, a new adventure system for your Partner companions, and a new high-level PvP area! This is a big update, so be sure and check out the patch notes for all the changes, and keep reading for some of the best features.

Draakon Arena

First up, Draakon Arena. The notorious azart force commander Kalligar takes the field in this new 5-player instance, the first dungeon specifically designed for level 70 players! It comes in two delicious flavors: normal (level 70, ilvl 456), and (Hard) mode (level 70, ilvl 470).

Defeat Kalligar and he may drop the top-of-the-line Warlord Ring or Warlord Necklace accessories, and possibly some resizing stones to customize their abilities.

(Be sure and check the patch notes for more information on Draakon Arena, our new training dungeons, and revisions to Pit of Petrax and Corrupted Skynest.)

Partner Adventure System

Next up, the new Partner Adventure System is now live, which means it's time to put your loyal companions to work! You may send up to three Partners (per account) on Partner Adventures in various locations across the world, each with their own rewards. A successful adventure can earn gatherables, skill advancement scrolls, relics and halidoms... even dungeon rewards!

Teach your partners the Gifted Skill: Adventure Enhancement to increase the rewards earned in Partner Adventures. Additionally, Instant Completion Tickets now drop in level 65+ dungeons, which can immediately bring your trusty partner back home with loot in hand. Check out the Partner Adventure System for yourself using the in-game Companion menu.

New Release: Balder's Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Box

Finally, Balder’s blessings to you! Balder's Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Boxes have arrived in the TERA Store, and may contain golden jeweled weapon skins inspired by Balder, the god who gave his own eyes so that the children of the Dream could see through the darkness. Look to the sky in TERA, and you’ll see the ringed eyes of Balder looking down upon you!

Each Balder’s Weapon Skin Loot box has a chance to produce either a Balder’s Golden Weapon Skin Smart Box, a Balder’s Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Box, or Modular Loot Crates packed full of useful items for any character. Radiant weapon skins are identical to the golden versions but feature an additional glow and ringed particle effect reminiscent of Balder’s splendor!

There’s even more in the Draakon Arena update we can’t list here, including class balance changes, new Duranium gathering materials for crafting, new Speedy Gathering Tools, and a mysterious merchant that can appear in high level dungeons!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!