En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 4


Hey, folks, Tailypo here with a very special, Dr.Pepper-fueled post-TERA-Open-Beta weekend En Masse Community Spotlight!

A major component of our En Masse Partner Program is actively working to build new relationships—and grow existing ones—with creators and micro-communities. This translates to featuring a few of our En Masse Partners periodically: sharing a little about them, their communities, and what excites them about En Masse.

Today we’re shining the spotlight on AgentNorth—self-described “regular nerd, anime fan, and cat lover,” and one of our growing number of En Masse Partners!

What’s more, we've arranged a couple streams with AgentNorth, just in time for Open Beta Test #2:

  • Playing TERA for PlayStation®4 on Friday, March 16 from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. PST
  • Running TERA for PlayStation®4 on Saturday, March 17 from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. PST

You can learn a little bit about him below, and tune-in to see him stream TERA on PlayStation®4 this weekend as part of the second Open Beta Test!

AgentNorth - Watch LIVE on TwitchJoin the Agency (Discord)


I am a long-time content creator, having started creating “Let’s Plays” and commentary videos on YouTube before moving to streaming content on Twitch in 2013. I’m a huge fan of MMOs and RP games, including titles like TERA, Grand Theft Auto V, and DayZ among others—in fact, much of my channel growth has come from my involvement in RP, for which I have invested a fair amount of time, creating unique stories for my viewers and fans! To this day my passion for both genres is apparent in the variety of games I choose to stream for my community’s enjoyment, nightly, every day of the week.

I am also a long-time TERA player, and have also participated in several En Masse events for Closers and Kritika Online’s Alpha. With TERA releasing on console in 2018, I’m looking forward to playing with the community on PlayStation®4!

I appreciate seeing publishers like En Masse Entertainment reaching out to content creators to get involved in their communities. It’s a great way to get better involved with players—whether through events, giveaways, or social promotions—and they are more readily available to receive feedback. I hope to see more companies take this active approach to better promoting community in games!

Movies, games, anime, and technology are often the topic of conversation on my stream, and my hobbies are generally shared interests within the community. I try to promote a toxicity-free environment; we welcome friendly banter, but don't take kindly to hatefulness.

We hope you enjoyed this En Masse Community Spotlight! If you are interested in becoming an En Masse Partner, join our Official En Masse Discord and speak with Tailypo directly about what opportunities the future holds, or fill out our En Masse Partner Application!



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