En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 7


Hey, folks! Tailypo here, with the next installment of our En Masse Community Spotlight!

Our primary goal with the En Masse Partner Program is actively working toward building new relationships with various creators and micro-communities. We’re doing this by featuring a few of our En Masse Partners periodically—sharing a little about them, their communities, and what excites them about En Masse.

This time, we’re introducing Cherryblosom_ (yep, that’s one “s”)—also known as David. Cherry has been playing MMOs for over 12 years now, and is looking forward to sharing his TERA experiences via Twitch!

Cherryblosom - Twitch & Twitter


Cherryblosom (a.k.a. David) is 26-ish, and gaming (and meeting other gamers) has been a dream of his since the day he traded his school lunch for a kid’s Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon - Red in 1996. He loves healing and tanking in MMOs and most other team-based games. In fact, his name comes from playing a druid in World of Warcraft: “I was a healing tree, and WoW decided that ‘Cherryblossom’ was one letter too long, so my wife took out an ‘s.’ I’ve been ‘Cherryblosom’ ever since.”

Cherry first started streaming two days a week, 12 hours each day, lugging his entire computer setup—including two monitors, the PS4, the Nintendo switch, green screen, camera, and mike—to a friend’s house, because his own Internet connection just couldn’t handle it. “I made Twitch Affiliate due to doing those streams, and all the amazing people that came out to see a bearded guy tilt his head in confusion at games.”

Cherry focuses mainly on multiplayer and co-op games that he can play with his “TreeFam”—his viewers. MMOs have been a love of his since 2006, starting with WoW, and expanding to include TERA, and several other MMOs, since then.

“I’m excited to be a part of the EME family, and cannot wait to see what TERA has in store for a tank like me. I’m especially looking forward to seeing how the endgame teamwork in dungeons and raids works out. This should be a blast!”

You can see Cherryblosom_ stream TERA on PlayStation 4, daily, 9 a.m. PST - 2 p.m. PST.

We hope you enjoyed this En Masse Community Spotlight! If you are interested in becoming an En Masse Partner, you can learn more by visiting the En Masse Partners webpage, join our Official En Masse Discord and speak with Tailypo, or fill out our En Masse Partner Application!


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