En Masse Community Spotlight, Volume 9


Hi everyone! I’m KitTeaCup, here with a new variation on our En Masse Community Spotlight!

One of our primary goals at En Masse is building new relationships—and growing existing ones—with various creators and micro-communities. Today we’re going to tell you about a successful TERA guild and let them explain a little about what’s made them so successful.

The guild, Tera School, can be found on the Fey Forest server of TERA for PC, and their philosophy and the lessons they’ve learned may be useful for would-be guild creators on any of our En Masse Games!

I asked Mathue, the guild leader of Tera School, a few questions:

Tell us a little about your guild.

Tera School has been my home for almost 3 years now.

The reason this guild even exists today is because when I was a lowbie leveling, I had a really hard time trying to learn the game.

What are your guild’s goals?

I wanted to make a home for new players to come, to be able to have the help and resources that I never had when I was leveling.

The theme of the guild is “Pay It Forward.” Ranks determine the knowledge players have of TERA so that it’s easier for people to ask questions. Teachers are my right-hand men and women! They offer gold, materials, and advice to those who need it. As they advance in the game, students then become the teachers. This endless cycle has kept our guild alive and running all by itself. It’s heart touching being able to see a level 17 player level to 65 and gear up to full Stormcry!

Is that the secret to your success?

We’ve had to max out the number of members we can have in guild to 135 so that we could help as many players as possible! Alas we are still always full.

Today, Tera School has come so far without even realizing it. Many guildies started off at low levels and are now amazingly good at the endgame! Many members even help outside of guild, teaching dungeons to others and giving them the advice they learned. I love being the guild master of Tera School because I love watching my guildies level up, make new friends, and improve their TERA skills! We have so much diversity that we learn new cultures and languages just by being together.

Tera School is more than just a guild; it’s a family. We hold Guild events to help encourage players to work hard and achieve new goals. Quest trivia, dungeon trivia, Oblivion Woods hide and seek, and much more! Players can win prizes such as mounts, pets, costumes, and materials based on who won, making it level-friendly.

Why do you love TERA so much?

I love TERA not only because it’s a good way to spend free time but, because it brings people from all over the world together. I’ve made new real-life friends, I’ve expanded my knowledge to new realms, and I’ve made a second family. I never thought I could have such amazing people by my side, talking to me every day through a video game.

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