Get Ready for High Stakes on August 22

Interior demonswheel

TERA’s next content update—Skywatch: High Stakes—arrives on Thursday, August 22. This release introduces Mystery Merchants and brings back the Demon’s Wheel!

demons wheel

Back for a limited time, Demon’s Wheel is a level 65 dungeon (item level 446) designed for 5 players that pits you against the diabolical Demoros (and his brutal bouncer, the Bandersnatch) for a chance to win piles and piles of lavish loot.

You can find more information about the Demon’s Wheel event on our forums.

mystery merchants

Mystery Merchants are new NPCs who appear for a limited time to trade a variety of valuable items for Mystery Market Coins. You can find these coins in item level 435+ dungeons, Ghillieglade, Corsairs’ Stronghold, or Shore Hold, and you can also purchase them directly from goblin coin vendors located near Mystery Merchants in major cities (Velika, Allemantheia, Kaiator, Highwatch).

demons wheel

For more information on Skywatch: High Stakes, be sure to check out the patch notes, and, as always, drop by the TERA forums to discuss the update with other players.

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