Get Ready to Get Awakened!


This summer, TERA is taking your characters to a new level with the Awakening content update.

The Awakening update is scheduled to launch Tuesday, June 30, but you don’t have to wait that long. Check out this preview trailer!

This update leads your level 65 characters around the world of TERA on a series of quests designed to increase their item level and teach them new Apex skills that expand and magnify their combat prowess.

What starts as a simple mission to assemble a gift for the goddess Velik becomes a grand adventure that shakes the world to its foundations and sends you on desperate missions through space, time, and the very depths of your soul!

And you’ll need every bit of that extra power to tackle the challenges inside our new dungeon, Dark Reach Citadel. With three brutal bosses that transform themselves—and you—in various ways, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!