Kaia’s Anvil: Equipment, Dungeons, And More!

TERA players know that if there’s one god you can count on in a pinch, it’s Kaia the Shieldmaiden. The adopted patron of the aman, hero of the Divine Wars, and all-around badass, Kaia has intrinsically linked her fate to that of the mortal races, and she is about to step up her game—and yours.

Case in point: the first of the update’s two new dungeons, Corrupted Skynest. After receiving reports of strange activity in the Exodor Archipelago, Kaia summons you and requests your firsthand report of the scene. After comparing your report with other intelligence, she charges you with finding a rare component with which to transform your current gear into something far more powerful.

The catch? That component is the last remnant of the dead god Sikander’s life force, currently smoldering inside the revivified—and newly argonized—Kelsaik.

Mythic Gear Diagram

Once you have it, you, Kaia, and the fiery smith Fovarth can combine Heroic Oath gear (weapons and body, hand, or foot armor) with the Annihilation and Dark Light sets from Exodor content into new mythic gear that proudly bears her name.

Mythic Gear

But wait, there’s more. In the run up to Forbidden Arena (the second new dungeon for this update), the wandering god Halrath has his own revelation for you. Deep in the heart of Val Elenium lies a teleportal shielded against godly interference since the first Divine War. With his help, you enter and discover a horrifying war machine, still active and as dangerous as the day it was assembled from a corrupted hero many thousands of years ago.

Mythic Gear

Bring backup, and if you can defeat it, you’ll definitely be rewarded.

All this dungeoneering has a cost, so to get you back into the fight we’re increasing the number of Adventure Coins you can earn and spend to 1,200 (2,000 for elite). So gear up, throw down, and reap the rewards!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!