Kaia’s War Begins Tuesday, April 7


Kaia’s War—the latest content update for TERA—is live today!

Last month, the Shieldmaiden called on you to gear up for battle, and now it’s time to join her on the front lines!

To keep your skills sharp, we’ve both increased and broadened the rewards for battleground victories and Civil Unrest: Velika to include special reward boxes containing Exodor gear and accessories.

We’ve also slashed prices on must-have items like Violet and Azure particles in the Bellicarium shop and added in Skill Advancement Tomes to tune your skills, as well as Ring, Ornament, and Duranium Fragments to enchant and maintain your new gear!

And that’s just the beginning of what this update has in store! While the goddess Kaia works to update your skills, noted warmonger and elin fashionista Princess Rida wants to do the same for your appearance! She’s created a full set of Weapons of Mass Devotion weapon skins to celebrate her love for battle, conveniently packaged into Magical Weapon loot boxes available for purchase in the TERA Store.

High Elf Hero

She’s also opened up a Magical Token shop, where you can exchange any Magical Tokens obtained from Magical Weapon loot boxes for hard-to find costumes and smart boxes.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to our normal dungeon events, we’ve updated the loot tables for more than a dozen dungeons, and also adjusted their Adventure Coin costs to make it easier than ever to gear up your characters. 

You can check out all the changes for this update in our Kaia’s War patch notes.

With this update, we're also kicking off the brand new, month-long Courageous Card Event. In this event, complete dungeon and battleground Vanguard Requests to earn Courageous Card Fragments and exchange them for TERA Card Fragments and other fabulous prizes!

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