Loot Box Changes Coming Soon

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TERA’s next content update launches Tuesday, April 28, and features a systematic refresh of our loot box system.

Beginning with the new Dyeable Memorial Dress Loot Box, and eventually encompassing every loot box ever offered for sale, this refresh will remove guaranteed items and random consumables from loot boxes, and replace them with a series of Modular Chests filled with items usable by any player. Loot boxes will also now display the percentage chances of pulling chase items, so that players can make informed purchase decisions.

There are seven modular chests in total, each with a curated collection of consumables and other popular items. All Modular chests of the same name contain the same things, and are both stackable and instantly tradable. This change allows you to place any unwanted chests on the Trade Broker (subject to normal restrictions) and keep your inventory and bank clear of unwanted clutter.

Loot Box Changes

Modular Fashion Forward Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Fashion Coupon 100-125 50%
Terachic Boutique Coin 15-25 25%
Apothecary Dye 1 25%

Modular Fish Dish Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Fish Fry 1 18%
Steamed Fish 1 18%
Fish Soup 1 18%
Feast 1 26%
[Special] Refreshing Steamed Kirash 1 10%
[Special] Astonishing Steamed Kirash 1 10%

Modular Noctenium Nation Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Superior Noctenium Elixir 2 10%
Superior Noctenium Elixir 1-2 20%
Superior Noctenium Refiner 2-3 15%
Superior Noctenium Refiner 1-2 20%
Noctenium Infusion 2000-3000 15%
Noctenium Infusion 1000-2000 20%

Modular Potion Notion Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Bravery Potion 1-2 25%
Health Potion 2-3 25%
Crafter’s Cure 2-3 20%
Apple Moon Smoothie 2-3 10%
Goddess’ Blessing 2-3 10%

Modular Pet Treat Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Organic Pet Food 5-10 50%
Popori Figurine 2-3 16%
Pet Candy 1-2 34%

Modular Cut Gem Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Emerald 1 10%
Sapphire 2-3 40%
Ruby 2-5 50%

Modular Great Bait Chest

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Rainbow Bait 10-15 30%
Mechanical Worm 10-15 25%
Enhanced Mechanical Worm 10-15 20%
Popo Bait 10-15 15%
Popori Bait 10-15 10%
Loot Box Changes

With that in mind, let’s look at what you can expect to find in the Dyeable Memorial Dress Loot Box mentioned above.

Contains one of the following: Qty % chance
Dyeable Memorial Smart Box 1 2%
Modular Fashion Forward Chest 4-5 5%
Modular Fish Dish Chest 4-5 10%
Modular Noctenium Nation Chest 4-5 40%
Modular Potion Notion Chest 4-5 25%
Modular Pet Treat Chest 4-5 5%
Modular Cut Gem Chest 4-5 8%
Modular Great Bait Chest 4-5 5%

The loot box refresh will be an ongoing project. All new boxes introduced in the v93 content update will feature this new system, and the changes will be rolled out to all boxes in our next release. Because of the large number of legacy boxes released over the last nine years, tooltip changes may lag behind the content shift for some of the older items in your inventory.

Note: With the removal of Metamorphic Emblems as a guaranteed item, we are also adjusting the content and pricing of items in the Metamorphic Emblem Shop. Please check our forums on Tuesday, April 28 for a complete list of the changes.

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