Oktoberfest Will Happen When Pigs Fly!


We're celebrating Oktoberfest in TERA, which means good food, good outfits, and flying pig mounts! And dark root beer, of course!

Starting at 9 a.m. PDT on Thursday, September 20, you'll find new mounts available in the TERA Store:

  • Orville
  • Amelia
  • Airboss
  • Airy Porker

These flying mounts all have a Flight and Movement Speed of 280, and are perfect for anyone who wants a little more whimsy in their conveyance.

Ladies, want to look a little more festive? End your summer in the finest outfits!

  • Garden Party Smart Box (Females Only)
  • Red Ribbon Boater (Females Only)
  • Red Cloche (Females Only)
  • Green Cloche (Females Only)

The flying pigs are here to stay, but the Garden Party outfits are only available until Thursday, October 11. Don't miss your chance to get dressed up for our first Oktoberfest!

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