Power Up with Pinkalicious Innerwear!


Time to doff your briefs and camisoles and pick yourself up something in pink! Starting Thursday, November 15, choose from five updated loot boxes, each with a chance to contain Pinkalicious Innerwear with must-have stat bonuses:

  • Empowered Inner Armor Box—Increases Power
  • Fitness Inner Armor Box—Raises Max HP
  • Fortified Inner Armor Box—Increases Crit Factor
  • Insulated Inner Armor Box—Increases Endurance
  • Performance Inner Armor Box—Replenishes MP every five seconds

And don't forget, elite players take 20 percent off the list price!

The black and white versions will be added to the Undergarment Bags in an upcoming maintenance, but the Pinkalicious varieties are available now!

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