See the World of TERA from a Flying Carpet


Some of the best things in life are free—like cruising through the Dream on a permanent flying Moonsilk Carpet! (Technically, the carpet hovers. It’s still better than your carpet.)

So, how do you get one of these cool mounts? Simple: Just finish achievements in the Summer Festival, Rootstock, and Pond Faire.

Here are the two required achievements from both festivals:

Summer Fest Achievements

Shouldn't a Festival Be More...Festive? This requires the four following Summer Festival Achievements below. It also rewards you with a temporary Festive Carpet Mount and the Title "Sun Worshipper."

I Said Freeze!—Eat enough frozen sarberry dessert from the Festival of the Sun to cause a brain freeze.
Snake-Eyed—Hit 50 snakes in the Festival of the Sun Whack-a-Snake game. Snakes: (50/50)
Triple Crown—Used 10 Fireworks of the Sun. Fireworks of the Sun: (10/10)
Tanks a Lot—Spawn seven toy sun tanks from Festival of the Sun. Toy sun tanks spawned: (7/7)

Rootstock & Pond Faire Achievements

Eat! Drink! Cook! Enjoy Rootstock! This requires the four Rootstock Festival Achievements below. It also rewards you with a temporary Rootstock Carpet Mount and the Title "Connoisseur."

All the Prizes Are Mine!—Open the following Rootstock items 3 times each:
Kick-Bale Gift Boxes (3/3)
Pigling Rodeo Gift Boxes (3/3)
Bamarama Boxes (3/3)
Please Drunk Responsibility—Drink all Rootstock drinks listed below:
Freeholds Root Beer (1/1)
Shevranberry Wine (1/1)
Sky Lotus Drink (1/1)
Lein's Dark Root Beer (1/1)
Digory's Honey Moongourd Drink (1/1)
Good Eats—Eat all Rootstock foods listed below:
Floretta Soup (1/1)
Moongourd Muffin (1/1)
Popped Cobseed (1/1)
Mudroot Salad (1/1)
Grilled Pigling (1/1)
Lamb Bulgogi (1/1)
Struthio Breast Salad (1/1)
Shevranberry Cookie (1/1)
Half-Moon Croquette (1/1)
Traditional Bleakfields BBQ (1/1)
Freeholds Flame Salad (1/1)
Bleak Wings (1/1)
Stairway to Heaven—Visit the Sky Pond at Rootstock. You need to hop your way to the top (unless you have a flying mount)! Don't fall, now . . .

Complete all of these and earn the title "World-Class Player" and get yourself a permanent Moonsilk Carpet mount!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!