TERA Strongbox Jackpot Event!

Interior lenox

It’s time to stock up on strongbox keys, because we’ve got an amazing weekend of fun and prizes lined up for you!

From Thursday, September 27 (after maintenance) until Tuesday, October 2 (after maintenance), open any of the following strongboxes and you may receive special jackpot rewards:

  • Locked Strongbox
  • Locked Krysteel Strongbox
  • Locked Linsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Norsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Extensive Strongbox
  • Locked Spellbound Strongbox

Jackpot rewards for this event include:

  • Tier 11 Feedstock ×1,000 (for enchanting Ambush gear)
  • Premium Alkahest ×1,000 (for enchanting with a higher chance of success)
  • Spellbind × 1,000 (for resetting and securing item abilities)
  • Blacksmith’s Additive × 5 (doubles critical success chance)
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure (used to combine high-level crystals)
  • Noble Friendship unicorn mount (restores HP and MP!)
  • Lenox (flying gold lion mount)

Need to buy some strongbox keys? Shop the in-game TERA Store and stock up on stacks of 5, 10, 20, and 50 keys!

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