Songbird Mounts for the Soul!


A flock of songbirds have landed in the TERA Store for PC, and whether you like them yellow or blue, we've got just the package to get you back up into the air!

Yellow and Blue songbirds that restore 1% of your maximum HP and MP every second are available for the direct sale price of 2,995 EMP. But if you're looking for more from your mount, check out our Battle Canary or Battle Thrush loot boxes.

Each loot box is guaranteed to contain 500 Metamorphic emblems, but may also contain a Battle- or Combat-songbird mount. These high-flying friends not only restore HP and MP and up your Crit Power against monsters, but they also have an amazing active skill you can use while mounted!

Combat Canary (yellow) / Combat Thrush (blue)

  • 1% HP/MP restoration
  • chance to increase Crit Power by 1.5
  • Songbird's Refrain I—Grants a random consumable effect for 15–30 minutes, with a 24-hour cooldown.

Battle Canary (yellow) / Battle Thrush (blue)

  • 2% HP/MP restoration
  • chance to double Crit Power
  • Songbird's Refrain II—Grants a random consumable effect for 15–30 minutes, with a 1-hour cooldown.

Songbird's Refrain shares a cooldown with other mount skills of similar power (including resurrections granted by phoenix mounts), and songbird mounts do not benefit from the Dragonwing effect.

So visit the TERA Store for PC today and pick up a new glowing friend. We'll keep the nightlight on for you!

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