Spring Cleaning in the TERA Store


It’s Spring and time to clean out the store.

Starting Tuesday, March 20 at 11 a.m. PDT, and over the next two weeks, we’re putting one TERA Store item on sale at 25–33% off for 24 hours*, then retiring it from the store.

In addition, for two weeks only, we’re offering Rubber Duck footsteps for sale.

The Spring Cleaning Sale items include:

March 20 Winter Scarf Loot Box 33% off
March 21 Frostlion Mask 25% off
March 22 Frostspun Flower 25% off
March 23 Winterwing (permanent account mount) 25% off
Winterwing (permanent character mount)
March 24* Frostsilk Loot Box 33% off
Wintersilk Loot Box 33% off
March 26 Popo Bunny Bundle 25% off
March 27 Blue Chrysanthemum 25% off
Black Chrysanthemum 25% off
White Chrysanthemum 25% off
Red Chrysanthemum 25% off
March 28 Pet: Totes 25% off
Pet: Cheeks 25% off
March 29 Black Umbrella (back slot) 25% off
Red Umbrella (back slot) 25% off
Yellow Umbrella (back slot) 25% off
Green Umbrella (back slot) 25% off
March 30 Mopsy (permanent character mount) 25% off
Flopsy (permanent character mount) 25% off
Angora Air Loot Box 33% off
Lilac Harelines Loot Box 33% off
March 31* Bunny Ears (female only) 25% off
Pink Plate Footsteps Loot Box 33% off
Blue Plate Footsteps Loot Box 33% off
April 2 Bloodshadow Weapon Skin 25% off

*Weekend sales may last longer than 24 hours.

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