TERA Black Friday Events, November 20-27


Black Friday is coming to TERA in a big way! Check your EMP balance and head over to the TERA Store for the biggest sales, savings, and headstart daily deals. Plus we’re pulling tons of items out of the vault for the weekend. Black Friday weekend is the time to buy!

Headstart Sales:  Nov. 20–22

Black Friday deals start on Tuesday with popular daily headstart items, available from the Featured Items window in-game for three days only:

Tuesday, November 20

  • Phoenix Loot Box: 250 EMP 175 EMP (30% off!)
  • Pocket Popo Party Pack: 2,495 EMP 623 EMP (75% off!)
  • Elite Players Only: Blaze Permanent Account Mount: 2,995 EMP 748 EMP (75% off!)

Wednesday, November 21

  • Rogue’s Half Mantle: 995 EMP 498 EMP (50% off!)
  • Rogue’s Garb: 1,395 EMP 698 EMP (50% off!)
  • Elite Players Only: 1,000 Fashion Coupons: 390 EMP 195 EMP (50% off!)

Thursday, November 22

  • Celestial Gold Weapon Skin with Fashion Coupons: 895 EMP 223 EMP (75% off!)
  • Blue Plate Footsteps Loot Box: 195 EMP 136 EMP (30% off!)
  • Elite Players Only: Rubber Duck Footsteps: 995 EMP 495 EMP (50% off!)

EMP Purchase Gifts: Nov. 23–27

Don’t have quite enough EMP to pick up that store item you’ve had on your wish list for a while now? No problem! From Friday, November 23 at 10 a.m. PST until Tuesday, November 27 at 10 a.m. PST, purchase EMP to earn bonus gifts!

35,000 EMP—Stormscale Flying Dragon Mount

Buy the 35,000 EMP bundle, and we’ll send you a free flying dragon mount: Stormscale!

Stormscale is a dragon mount with a Flight and Movement Speed of 290, that restores 2 percent of your max HP and MP every second. This flying skill also grants you the passive skill Penumbra Rex, which grants a chance to double your Crit Power. Additionally, while mounted, you may use the skill Draconic Roar, which increases the damage you deal to monsters for a short time after you dismount. (Using Draconic Roar starts a 1-hour cooldown which may prevent the use of other mount skills.)

12,000 EMP—20 Stormy Weather Loot Boxes

Buy the 12,000 EMP bundle, and we’ll send you 20 Stormy Weather loot boxes, each containing one of the following items determined at random:

  • Stormscale flying dragon mount
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
  • Superior Noctenium Elixir
  • Crafter's Cure
  • Up to 1,000 Metamorphic Emblems
  • Up to 100 Golden or Silver Talents
  • Up to 10 Health Potions.

4600 EMP—7 Stormy Weather Loot Boxes

Buy the 4600 EMP bundle, and we’ll send you 7 Stormy Weather loot boxes.

2200 EMP—3 Stormy Weather Loot Boxes

Buy the 2200 EMP bundle, and we’ll send you 3 Stormy Weather loot boxes.

1000 EMP—1 Stormy Weather Loot Box

Buy the 1000 EMP bundle, and we’ll send you 1 Stormy Weather loot box.

4-Day Black Friday Sale: Nov. 23–27

What would Black Friday be without crazy-big discounts? Or lots of classic items coming back to the store for a short time? Why not both?

Starting at Friday, November 23 at 10 a.m. PST, and continuing until Tuesday, November 27 at 10 a.m., you can get huge discounts on a whole host of items in the TERA Store, including new items, seasonal items, and items we brought out of retirement just for this sale!

  • Account Services and Consumables—up to 50 percent off! (excludes Server Transfers or new Server Packs)
  • Loot Boxes—up to 30 percent off!
  • Direct-Sale Costumes and Accessories—up to 85 percent off!
  • Direct-Sale Pets and Mounts—up to 85 percent off!
  • Direct-Sale Weapon Skins—up to 75 percent off!

This year, all of these items are discounted all four days!

Doorbuster Hyperbox!  Nov. 23–27

We’re not done yet! During the 4-Day Sale, be sure to grab yourself a Doorbuster Hyperbox or two…or ten, if you’re doing some early holiday shopping for your guild!

For only 1995 EMP, each Doorbuster Hyperbox is guaranteed to contain 20 Strongbox Keys—and may also contain the brand new Spellweave or Spellsilk costume smart box, or a Pick of the Pixies costume smart box, Picture-Perfect Pixies costume smart box, Pale Writer Dress (for elin), Elin Cutie Star outfit, a 30- or 90-day Elite Status Voucher, a Blackheart weapon skin, Ultraplasm weapon skin, a Stormscale flying dragon mount, or one of the unicorn mounts: Noble Friendship, Friendshine, Friendstorm, Friendheart, or Friendship.

Costumes, weapons skins, and mounts inside are exclusive to the Doorbuster Hyperbox or as a gift with EMP purchase (for Stormscale), so get them now!

Black Friday Deals

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