TERA PC 6th Anniversary—Week Five Highlights!


It’s the final week of our month-long TERA’s sixth anniversary celebration!

Community/Social Events

We’ve had a great time this week. Join us on our Twitch Stream on June 1 at 1 p.m. PDT for our wrap-up!

Plus we’ll announce winners of our Anniversary Conclusion Contest on June 1 on Twitch. More contest details are below.

In Game Events:

It’s a new week, so we’ve changed a few things from last week, watch for the Purple text to see the significant differences. 

Double Guild Quest Rewards

Sunday, May 27 at 6 a.m. PDT until Saturday, June 2 at 6 a.m. PDT.

Get a near-week of double Guild XP and Funds from Guild Quests.

Dungeon Highlights and Battleground Bonus Reward Items

The Anniversary Dungeon Highlights and BG VG Bonus Item weekend events are over, BUT I have a couple changes to announce on the 31st about the REVISED Dungeon Highlights and BG VG Bonus Item weekend events. Check the News Post about new events starting in June and always remember to check the in-game calendar’s event panel for upcoming Dungeon Highlights, BG Vanguard Bonus Events and everything else.

Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time

This week, we’re adding an extra day of Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time! The event runs for 72 hours on Tuesday from 12:01 a.m. PDT until Thursday at midnight.

Feel the fever! During Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time, your skill cooldowns all decrease by 80 percent, and your MP replenishment greatly increases. (Note that Ultra-Hyper-Fire-Turbo Time bonus does not apply while you are in dungeons or battlegrounds.)

Find an EME Employee for a Free Scarf!

Just find one of us in-game, and ask for a free Sixth Anniversary Scarf! Here’s when and on which server to look for us May 29 – June 1:

  • Tuesday at 3 p.m. PDT on Tempest Reach
  • Wednesday 1 p.m. PDT on Celestial Hills
  • Thursday 3 p.m. PDT on Fey Forest
  • Friday 4 p.m. PDT on Mount Tyrannas

Each employee has a limited supply of scarves—and they might not stick to just one location. So if you see one of us in-game, don’t hesitate to ask! Employees are guaranteed to be online during the above times, but they may show up anywhere at any time!

Anniversary Conclusion Contest

As we conclude our anniversary month, through Thursday, May 31 at 10 a.m. PDT, players can exchange 5 Anniversary tokens in game for a Contest Entry Receipt to enter their account into the Anniversary Conclusion contest. (Note: multiple Contest Entry Receipts on a server will not increase your odds.)

On Friday, June 1, we’ll draw 3 winners per server (15 winners total) for great prizes:

  • First place: Your choice of any single item from the past or present TERA Store including chase items from loot boxes such as Phoenix, dragon, summer wrap, etc. (Does not include the Alice dress, Hello Kitty items, or Attack on Titan items.
  • Second place: 12,500 EMP.
  • Third place: 180 days (6 months) of Elite Status.

Plus there are still some TERA anniversary events running all month long!

Vanguard Request Events

Event runs until June 5 at 4 a.m. PDT.

Earn double Item and Rep Credits for completing Vanguard requests, plus 50% increased item XP and player XP, and 50% increased gold rewards.

Guardian Legion: TERA Reward Points

Event runs until Friday, June 1 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Participate in Guardian Legion missions to earn 30 TERA Reward Points as a bonus item!

Terron Spawns

Terrons spawn until Thursday, May 31 at 4 a.m. PDT. Giant BAM Piñatas concluded on Monday, May 28 at 4 a.m. PDT.

Tackle the terron Chiefs and Lamas spawning throughout the world for a chance at some T-E-R-A letters!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!