TERA Presents: Claw & Order


En Masse Entertainment is proud to present "Claw & Order" an interactive murder mystery premiering online Wednesday, May 9 and ending Thursday, May 24. Join us for an intriguing, original storyline set in the world of TERA, available online and free around the world. There will be new content every day, and plenty of mystery to go around.

Follow the clues online, and share your theories as to the killer’s identity in the #clawandorder channel of the official En Masse Entertainment Discord server, or wherever you talk TERA online!

So whether you play TERA on PC or console, all participation and clues will be shared on social outlets, such as Discord, Twitch streams, Twitter posts and more!

To make things even more fun, EME employees will be monitoring the discord discussions closely, sharing secrets and mulling over clues with players all throughout this special community event.

Evidence 1

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