2019 Console Roadmap, Part 1

Content roadmap

We've got a lot planned leading up to TERA's First Anniversary on Playstation®4 and Xbox One consoles. Here’s just a peek at the next few months.

February: Harrowhold

The elder dragon Vergos is vying for the coveted title of “deadliest boss ever” in Harrowhold, a 20-player raid with 4 phases chocked-full of danger. Do you have what it takes to defeat his evil schemes?

March: Manglemire

Some dungeons test your skill, others your damage per second. But this max-level 5-player dungeon will test your powers of observation like never before! The monstrous cyclops Manglemore cannot be trusted, and you’ll need to both search the dungeon for clues as to his intentions and pay close attention to his declarations during combat. Good luck!

April: Major Update

There’s so much happening this month that TERA is almost a brand-new game! In this major content update we’re introducing two new dungeons, elin gunners, new gear progression, and new enchanting systems, and more.

April: Anniversary Celebration

April also brings our First Anniversary Celebration, which promises to be our biggest event yet! Be sure and follow us on social media for all the latest details and special events.

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