TERA's Second Open Beta for Consoles!


Get ready for round two! Open Beta 2 begins Friday, March 16 at 6 a.m. PDT, and will end Saturday, March 17 at 9 p.m. PDT. Open Beta 2 is available to participants from last weekend's test only. The game client is not available for new players to download at this time.

Last weekend's Open Beta test was a huge success! The turnout and positive reaction from you, the community, was amazing. TERA is a ton of fun, but not when you are lagging, or crashing out and having to restart the game. We know we can do better, and we have taken several steps to improve the experience during Open Beta 2 and beyond.

One of the biggest pain points was the lag and crashing when 200+ players were all in the same area at the same time. Velika, the first main city, was the most obvious example of a major choke point causing performance issues, freezing, and crashes. In order to address this issue, we plan on reducing the number of users per channel in crowded areas and increasing the total number of channels across all zones. Increasing channels does have a cost, but it is on the server side, not the client side, and we believe this will create a better overall experience. These changes will go into effect this weekend and we need your help to verify that they're successful.

We also fixed a handful of bugs that should improve your time in TERA this weekend:

  • Nearly all zones, including major towns, will now offer multiple Channels to switch between. To switch channels on PlayStation®4, press the Options button to bring up the main menu, then press Triangle. On Xbox One, press the Menu button, and then press Y.
  • Your UI will no longer close by itself when near other players using a pegasus or interacting with a teleportal.
  • Nameplates for players and NPCs will no longer disappear and force you to restart the client.
  • We are raising the level cap to 58! This means that not only will you have access to more areas and more dungeons, but if you achieve level 40 with any character, you will be able to access an additional class to play: the reaper!
  • General memory and stability improvements.
  • Your existing TERA client will update with the latest patch (available now!), and your Open Beta characters will remain playable for this test! (Please remember that we will still be wiping character progress before launch.)

Event Schedule

Day Time Event
Friday, March 16 6 a.m. PDT / 2 p.m. UTC Open Beta 2 BEGINS!
Friday, March 16 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. UTC EU servers: Stress Test!
Friday, March 16 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PDT NA servers: Stress Test!
Saturday, March 17 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. UTC EU servers: Stress Test!
Saturday, March 17 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. PDT NA Servers: Stress Test!
Saturday, March 17 9 p.m. PDT / 4 a.m. UTC on March 18 Open Beta 2 ENDS!


Last weekend, you all unlocked three permanent masks by completing community challenges! These masks will be delivered to every player that logs in during the first two weeks of TERA's launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

All players that participate in Open Beta 2 will also receive an exclusive permanent Blue Angel Halo when the game launches. The Blue Angel Halo will also be delivered to all players who are logged in during the “Stress Test” events. We will distribute the Blue Angel Halo directly to the Item Claim of Open Beta 2 participants within the first two weeks following launch.

Thank you all for helping us prepare for the launch of TERA on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One! You can chat with us on Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!