These Outfits Are Maid in Heaven!

Summer's almost upon us, which means we need to wrap up our spring cleaning! Hurry to the TERA Store now to take advantage of new TERA products for Xbox One and Playstaion®4, including:

  • Smart Uniform Smart Box, which contains a uniform that matches your character. Ladies receive maid outfits and gentlemen receive butler's outfits.
  • Governess’s Frills, to bring a little whimsy to your fair maid.
  • Gamekeeper's Caps, to protect your dapper gent's coif.
  • Governess Loot Box, which may contain a Housekeeper Costume for female characters, alkahests, or other consumables.
  • Elin Housemaid Loot Box, which may contain a special rare housekeeper uniform for an elin, alkahests, or other useful loot.
  • Butler's Bundle, contains the Smart Uniform Smart Box, plus the Gamekeeper's Cap Bundle, containing all six caps!
  • Maid's Bundle, containing the Smart Uniform Smart Box, plus the Governess’s Frill Bundle, which includes all four frills!

And, in case you missed them last time, we’re also bringing back two more bundles for your elin maids:

  • Maid to Work Bundle, containing Princess Rida’s Maid Uniform, for elins to look their humble best, plus a Maid's Frill to keep hair out of the way while attending to the duties of the Valkyon Federation!
  • Twice-Maid Bundle, containing Princess Rida’s Maid Uniform (for elins), the Maid's Frill, plus the variant Princess Arin's Maid Uniform (for elins), and a Housekeeper's Frill!

These items are only available until Thursday, June 21 at 10 a.m. PDT (1700 UTC)! Go to the TERA Store, browse our entire selection, then gear up and get in the game!

* Note: The social emotes included in the maid bundles for PC are not included in the console versions of these bundles.

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