This Week in TERA Console: February 24-March 1


Guild Quest Bonus Rewards

Tuesday, February 25 ( 0700 UTC) - Tuesday, March 3 ( 0700 UTC )

Earn increased Guild Funds and Guild XP rewards from completing guild quests.

Dungeon Highlight Weekend

Friday, February 28 (0500 UTC ) - Monday, March 2 ( 0500 UTC )

Complete select dungeons to earn additional rewards:

  • Ghillieglade
  • Antaroth's Abyss
  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Velik's Sanctuary
  • Thaumetal Refinery
  • Macellarius Catacombs

Twitch Prime Starter Pack

TERA players can still pick up a Twitch Prime starter pack full of fantastic items—including 30 days of Elite Status and a flying dragon mount—by linking their Amazon Prime and En Masse accounts before Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

For more details, visit our Twitch Prime Starter pack page.

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