This Week in TERA Console: November 18–24


Accumulated Vanguard Login Event

Log in every day and complete at least one daily Vanguard Request between Tuesday, November 19 until Monday, December 2 and you can claim a useful item from the Event Menu. But you’ll need to log in all fourteen days of this great event if you want to claim every last reward on this list!

Day 1: Divine Infusion ×40
Day 2: Valkyon Health Potion ×15
Day 3: Fashion Coupon ×100
Day 4: Friendly Feast ×10
Day 5: 10% Item XP Boost (2 Hours)
Day 6: Complete Crystalbind ×10
Day 7: Rainbow Bait ×10
Day 8: Fashion Coupon ×250
Day 9: Draconis Missive ×2
Day 10: Elite Crafter's Cure ×3
Day 11: Friendly Feast ×25
Day 12: Strong Canephora Potion ×10
Day 13: Metamorphic Emblem Chest ×3
Day 14: 10% Item XP Boost (2 Hours)

anguard Bonus: Increased Item Rewards

Vanguard Bonus: Increased Item Rewards

Completing Vanguard Requests yields increased item rewards, from Tuesday, November 19 at 0700 UTC until Tuesday, November 26 at 0700 UTC.

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (November 22–28)

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (November 22–28)

Starting Friday, November 22 at 0500 UTC and continuing until Monday, November 25 at 0500 UTC, the following instanced dungeons have increased drops for completion:

  • Harrowhold
  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Broken Prison
  • Thaumetal Refinery
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Macellarius Catacombs

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