This Week in TERA Console: September 23–29


Manglemire Returns

Following the completion of Maintenance on Monday, September 23, Manglemire returns as an Event Dungeon.

Note that this dungeon currently cannot be reset; you can only enter this once per day (or twice for elite players).

Enchanting Success Event

Starlyn Dungeon Event Begins

From Tuesday, September 24 at 1700 UTC, until Tuesday, October 8 at 1700 UTC, we’ve added a bonus to the enchanting and upgrading success rates. Guardian gear, as always, has a 100% base enchantment success rate, and the following gear tiers (including weapons, chest, gloves, and boots) will have increased success chances during the event:

  • Twistshard—Twice the Base Chance of Success
  • Frostmetal—Twice the Base Chance of Success

Additionally, until Sunday, September 29 at 0700 UTC you'll also receive a bonus when enchanting Stormcry Gear:

  • Stormcry—Twice the Base Chance of Success

Federation Gem Crates and Lustrous Federation Crates Now Available in the TERA Store

Vanguard Bonus: Increased Item Rewards

As limited-time offers go, these deals are hard to beat. Pick up a Federation Gem Crate or Lustrous Federation Crate for the insane bargain price of 195 EMP!

Inside the Federation Gem Crate, you’ll find one of the following four gem packages:

  • 15–100 sapphires
  • 30–200 rubies
  • 750–800 emeralds
  • 75–80 diamonds

Inside the Lustrous Federation Crate, you’ll find one of the following six talent packages:

  • 75–600 Golden Talents
  • 75–600 Silver Talents
  • 100–200 Golden Darics
  • 50–80 Golden Plates
  • 50–100 Silver Siglos
  • 25–50 Silver Plate

Take advantage of these great offer while supplies last. The Federation Gem Crate and Lustrous Federation Crate are only available until 1700 UTC on Tuesday, October 8!

Vanguard Bonus: Increased Item Rewards

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (Sept 27–30)

When you complete Vanguard Requests between Tuesday, September 24 at 0400 UTC and Tuesday, October 1 at 0400 UTC, you’ll receive increased item rewards.

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (Sept 27–30)

Open World Boss Spawn Event Continues

Starting Friday, September 27 at 0500 UTC and continuing until Monday, September 30 at 0500 UTC, the following instanced dungeons reward you with increased drops upon completion:

  • Harrowhold
  • RK-9 Kennel (Hard)
  • Lilith's Keep (Hard)
  • Manglemire
  • Lilith's Keep
  • Shattered Fleet

All Class Leveling Event ending

Guardian Legion Bonus: Skill Advancement and Skill Optimization Rewards

Lasting until Tuesday, September 24, all classes receive leveling rewards, with special rewards for warriors and ninjas.

For details on the event, check out this forum thread.

Rootstock and Pond Faire

Rootstock and Pond Faire

Visit the Freeholds from now until Tuesday, October 1 and explore the joys of Rootstock's open-air market. Or perhaps you might want to wander the festive marshlands of the Tuwangi Mire for the annual Pond Faire.

During the festivals, you can make potent battle dishes, complete achievements, earn cool pets (like Pinkie, Rainie, or Rusty), or possibly even acquire the elusive Moonsilk Carpet mount.

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