This Week in TERA: December 30–January 5

Vanguard interior

Vanguard Bonus — Increased Enhancement Point, Increased Player XP, Item XP, and Item Rewards

Earn increased EP, player XP, Item XP, and item rewards when completing Vanguard Requests between Tuesday, December 31 (at 4 a.m. PST) and Tuesday, January 7.

Week-Long Battleground Spotlight

Battleground spotlight

Earn increased Bellicarium Credits from Corsairs' Stronghold, Shore Hold, Champions' Skyring, and Gridiron between Tuesday, December 31 (starting at 4 a.m. PST), and Tuesday, January 7.

Weekend Dungeon Highlight (January 3–6)

Dungeon Highlight

You’ll receive increased drops when you complete any of the dungeons listed below, from Friday, January 3 (4 a.m. PST) until Monday, January 6:

  • Gossamer Vault (Hard)
  • Grotto of Lost Souls (Hard)
  • Gossamer Vault
  • Velik's Sanctuary (Hard)
  • Antaroth's Abyss
  • Velik's Sanctuary
  • RK-9 Kennel
  • Ruinous Manor
  • Thaumetal Refinery

Yule War Concludes

Yule war concludes

Slaughter your fill of False Santas and piece treasure maps together—but be sure to wrap up no later than Wednesday, January 1!

For the complete details, visit our news post here.

Wintera Concludes

Wintera concludes

TERA’s annual winter festival lasts until January 1, 2020, so now’s your last chance to jump into the Wintera Snowfield event battleground before it departs.

Wintera Snowfield offers tokens that can be exchanged for special rewards.

Elin Festival Card Exchange Concludes

Elin festival card exchange

Complete Vanguard Requests for additional rewards of Primed Ore, until Wednesday, January 1. You can exchange Primed Ore for card fragments—including the new Starlight Festival Elin and Blood Festival Elin cards—and other useful items at Meirun, the event NPC found in all major cities.

Note: Both Primed Ore and Meirun are event-specific and will be removed from the game shortly after the event ends. All card fragments and Card Fragment Random Boxes obtained by exchanging ore are permanent.

Twitch Prime Starter Pack

Twitch Prime starter pack

New and returning TERA players can pick up a Twitch Prime starter pack full of fantastic items—including 30 days of elite status—by linking their Amazon Prime and En Masse accounts before Tuesday, May 19.

For more details, visit our Twitch Prime Starter pack page.

A Sleigh-Load of Deals in the TERA Store

Twitch Prime starter pack

For a limited time only, we’re returning dozens of seasonal favorite items to the TERA Store, and discounting even more select items. Visit the store starting Tuesday, December 31 to shop these delightful deals:

  • Violet Wintersilk Dress Smart Box
  • Aqua Wintersilk Dress Smart Box
  • Blue Wintersilk Dress Smart Box
  • Winter’s Ilk Loot Box
  • Red New Year Hanbok Loot Box
  • Green New Year Hanbok Loot Box
  • Female Complete Mechanical Bundle
  • Male Complete Mechanical Bundle
  • Turbocharged Crimson Loot Box
  • Turbocharged Chrome Loot Box
  • Party Down Loot Box
  • Party Hearty Smart Box
  • Ladies Night Loot Box (Females Only)
  • Cocktail Dress Bundle (Females Only)
  • Party Dress Bundle (Females Only)
  • Wintersilk Loot Box
  • Golden Snowsilk Dress Box
  • Snowsilk Dress Box
  • Cocktail Party Costume Box
  • White Fleece Box
  • Black Fleece Box
  • Lucky Duck Box
  • Pinky Pig Box
  • Caring Bear Box
  • Sharp-Dressed Bird Box
  • Pound Puppy Box
  • Cotton Candy Fleece Box
  • Colorful Cat Club Case
  • Plum Blossom Loot Box
  • Watered Silk Loot Box
  • Perennial Dress Loot Box
  • Skyblossom Dress Box
  • Dragonsilk Dress Box
  • Floral Dress Box
  • Sharp Shades (Face Slot)
  • Magician’s Box of Tricks
  • Headliner’s Costume Kit
  • Conjurer’s Costume Kit
  • Formal Dress Accessory Box
  • Hat Trick Accessory Box
  • Supercharged Silver Weapon Skin
  • Supercharged Scarlet Weapon Skin
  • Foodie Weapon Skin
  • Retro Lootbox
  • Red Kirin (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Blue Kirin (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Mythical Kirin in Red Loot Box
  • Mythical Kirin in Blue Loot Box
  • Spellrider (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Spellracer Loot Box
  • Mopsy (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Flopsy (Permanent Character Mount)
  • Lilac Harelines Loot Box
  • Angora Air Loot Box
  • Wraith Rider Loot Box
  • Dark Rider Loot Box

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