This Week in TERA for Console: January 21–28


We’re heading into the third week of the Valkyrie Leveling Event, so your chance to get all of the rewards for reaching level 65 is almost over. The event ends January 29, so don’t wait too much longer to level up!

Velik’s Sanctuary Hard Mode Arrives

If helping the goddess Velik withstand Lakan’s assault is getting too easy, we have good news! You can now take on Lakan in Hard mode. Starting Tuesday, January 22, all you need is a minimum item level of 429 to test your skills against Nightmare Lakan.

login rewards

Accumulated Login Event

Beginning Tuesday, January 22 and running until Monday, February 4, log into TERA each day to receive some cool rewards. Make sure to log in every day, though! The final award for the login event is a terrific etching for your weapon—but if you miss a day, you won't get it! Here’s what to expect with this event:

  • Day 1—Gamma Instance Reset Scroll ×30
  • Day 2—Spellbind ×400
  • Day 3—Superhold Tokens ×100
  • Day 4—Dragon Scale ×2
  • Day 5—Goddess's Tear ×20
  • Day 6—Tier 12 Feedstock ×200
  • Day 7—Semi-Enigmatic Scroll ×50
  • Day 8—Rare Noctenium Elixir ×2,000
  • Day 9—Strongbox Key ×1
  • Day 10—Strongbox Key ×1
  • Day 11—Strongbox Key ×1
  • Day 12—Strongbox Key ×1
  • Day 13—Strongbox Key ×1
  • Day 14—Weapon Etching: Energetic III

Double Vanguard Weekend

This week, starting Friday, January 25 at 9 a.m. and ending Monday, January 28 at 9 a.m. PST, complete any Vanguard Request on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One and earn double rewards!

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