This Week in TERA for Console : June 24-30


Weekly Vanguard Bonus—Increased Player XP and Item XP

Starting Tuesday, June 25 at 0400 UTC, and continuing until Tuesday, July 2 at 0400 UTC, you’ll earn bonus player XP and Item XP for completing Vanguard Requests.

Weekend Battleground Spotlight

Weekend Battleground Spotlight

Starting Friday, June 28 at 0500 UTC and continuing until Monday, July 1 at 0500 UTC, you’ll earn increased Bellicarium Credits from Corsairs' Stronghold, Fraywind Canyon, and the Gridiron.


Summer Festival Continues

Have you had a chance to check out the Summer Festivities? If not, head to Ostgarath for the Beach Bash, and Balder’s Refuge for the Festival of the Sun, to take part in special quests and mini-games. Check out this page for more details.

In the TERA Store

New Swimsuits make a splash on Thursday, June 27th

  • Dyeable Striped Bikini / Leisure Shorts Loot Box
  • Footsteps: Rubber Duck
  • Footsteps: Cutie

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