Token Costume-Palooza!


Starting today, Thursday, April 26, buying a 4600 EMP or 12000 EMP bundle from the online TERA Store for PC will also net you Shirts costume tokens, redeemable in-game for costume smartboxes!

Each purchase of a 4600 EMP bundle earns you one (1) Shirts token, and a 12000 EMP bundle earns you three (3). Shirts tokens are redeemable at a special in-game shop for costume smart boxes.

For one token:

  • Party Hearty Smart Box
  • Nightfall Ninjagi Smart Box
  • Bloodshadow Ninja Costume Box
  • Rogue's Garb Smart Box
  • Grand HYDRATH Smart Box
  • Glacial Dragon Armor
  • Obsidian Dragon Armor
  • Blue Sky Costume Smart Box
  • Bridal Gown Smart Box
  • Bridegroom Smart Box

For three tokens:

  • Dyeable Steampunk Costume
  • Arctic Armor
  • Life of the Party Smart Box
  • Starglow costume box
  • Gentleman Groom smart box
  • Modern Bride smart box
  • Supreme HYDRATH Smart Box
  • Volcanic Dragon Armor smart box
  • Castanica Demons Smart Box
  • Jeans and Jacket Smart Box

This amazing gift with purchase offer is for one week only, and ends Thursday, May 3 at 10 a.m. PDT. Shirts tokens will remain in-game indefinitely, but the contents of the shop may change over time.

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