Week One Known Issues for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One


We’ve come a long way from our first technical tests of TERA on last year, and are working hard on many issues that you’ve brought to our attention from the Open Beta and Headstart periods. In the interests of transparency, here’s some of the high-priority issues in our queue.

In order of our highest attention:

  • Players have reported crashing in a dungeon, logging back in dead in the open world and unable to resurrect. Worse yet, some have reported logging back into the dungeon dead, with no way to leave.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled Ghillieglade to address freezing and crashing issues.
  • It’s sometimes hard to access a basic resurrection in a dungeon (either in town, or from a healer or scroll), because the Neophyte Resurrection window covers up the UI. Closing the Neophyte window solves the problem, but we are working on a more permanent, and visible solution.
  • There are occasional echoing/audio feedback issues in dungeons and caves.
  • Some players are being auto-logged into servers on which they have no characters, causing more than a little confusion. (One of our writers has this happen almost every time, so you’re not alone!)
  • There are reports of PS4 trophies not unlocking, including:
    • Downed the Clown (Clear Labyrinth of Terror)
    • Ebon and Bone (Clear Ebon Tower)
    • Fear Is Not an Option (Clear Kelsaik's Nest)
    • Pain in the Temple (Clear Balder's Temple)
    • A Poke in the Eye (Clear Argon Corpus)
    • Plant One on Me (Clear Sabex Armory)
    • Brought to Justice (Clear Macellarius Catacombs)
    • Level 60 (Reach level 60)
    • Level 65 (Reach level 65)
  • High level enchants sometimes don’t display success/fail messages, and the UI sometimes does not complete enchanting the item.
  • The Velika crafting tables do not currently allow crafting. (Crafting can be performed elsewhere through the main UI.)
  • The Elite Consumables Box and the 1hr Elite Gold Hunter Boost are currently sharing a 10 minute cooldown, instead of having separate timers.
  • The minimap can freeze, and will not display motion or update quest progress until the console restarts.

Rest assured that we’ve reported these issues and others to the development team and they are working to find solutions. Our primary goal is to provide players with the best TERA experience possible, and we’re actively listening to all bug reports, suggestions, and feedback in Discord, our Forums, and those received through our Socials.

We’re focusing right now on the greatest benefit for the greatest number of players and we feel the above list represents that. If your individual issue is not at the top of our list, that doesn’t mean it’s not being tracked, so don’t worry! We’ll be evaluating the rest of our queue as soon as possible, and posting changes as they happen.

TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!