Welcome to Jackpot Week!


We’ve got an amazing week of fun and prizes —It’s Jackpot Week. That means it’s time to stock up on strongbox keys.

This week, until maintenance on Monday, February 3, open any of the following strongboxes for a chance at some incredible jackpot rewards:

    Locked Strongbox
  • Locked Linsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Norsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Shadsteel Strongbox
  • Locked Extensive Strongbox
  • Locked Spellbound Strongbox

Jackpot rewards this week include:

  • Flying Skill: Duskscale, the nether dragon flying mount
  • Smart Dyad Niveot Structure ×8
  • Metamorphic Emblem Chest ×200 (that’s 200,000 emblems!)
  • Golden Talents ×6,000
  • Silver Talents ×6,000
  • Diamond ×15

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